00:00-23:20 דברי פתיחה ד"ר רוני בורנשטיין
מייסד ויו"ר העמותה
Biodalia Microbiological Technologies CEO

ד"ר מוטי רבהון
מייסד ומנכ"ל העמותה
CTO, Better Air


מהזנק לתעשיה, מבט לאחור ד"ר דב קנר
יו"ר פעיל, BTG
46:00-1:17:20 Computational Enzyme and Pathway Design to Enable New Bioproducts through Fermentation Dr. Alexandre Zanghellini
Co-founder and CEO, Arzeda
Arzeda - חברה המתמחה בעיצוב חלבונים בדגש על הגברת יעילות פונקציונלית, והפחתת עלויות בייצור חלבונים לתעשיית המזון והפארמה
1:17:20-1:35:46 Fermentors and Bioreactors for Commercial-Scale Production: Planning Now for What Comes Next Gero Greive
Gabriella Meyer
CTO Bioengineering
1:35:46-1:42:33 סרטונים
Baemek Tech + Fresh Start
1:42:33-2:29:00 מושב סטרטאפים
יו"ר- ד"ר תמי מירון, CTO, Fresh Start
ד"ר מוריה שמעוני, EVP R&D, Future Meat
ד"ר צביקה גרינר, CTO, Triple W
ד"ר אילן סמיש, CEO, Amai Proteins
יונתן גולן, CEO, Brevel
ד"ר טל זלצר CTO, Phytolon
2:29:00-2:33:20 סיכום והצגת תוכניות האגודה לשנה הקרובה
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Danyel Biotech is an Israeli distributor specializes in life science, biotechnology, diagnostics, and healthcare.
Danyel Biotech is widely present in the areas and client segments of Bio-Pharma companies, Research laboratories (Universities, Hospitals, Research Centers, etc.) HMO's, MOH and Clinical Laboratories.
We are highly experienced in the life science and biotechnology fields such as Upstream and Downstream processes and represent in Israel industry leading multinational vendors e.g. Cytiva, Biostream, Eppendorf, Greiner-Bio, Esco Aster, Securecell, Hamilton Robotics, Illumina, 10X genomics and many more.
For more information you can have a look on our website: www.danyel.co.il
Our Bioprocess oriented team is focusing on products which are used for cell therapy, purification, characterization and production at any scale of macro-molecules, including proteins, peptides, viruses, exosomes and more.
We are supporting many instruments such as Bioreactors, Fermenters, AKTA systems, Incubators, Auto samplers, Sequencers, PCRs and all you need for your research.
We would be happy to support you on your research and production!

EGMO develops and manufactures an extensive range of solutions for fermenters and bioreactors. Founded in Israel in 1965, the company has a vast experience in serving multiple industries, including, Biotechnology, life science, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food-tech and traditional food & beverage. Based on vast know-how in stainless steel, we have built hundreds of vessels for the industry. Today EGMO offers solutions from various materials including single use products.
Our customers vary from small start-up companies with innovative ideas up to large scale massive manufacturers. Our engineering-based systems can follow strict manufacturing guidelines or can be flexible and custom-made for your process requirements. With a strong passion to understand the process and find the best way to support it, EGMO offers the highest quality with a tailor-made solutions to meet your demand. We invite you to challenge us with your next project!

Fresh Start FoodTech Incubator was established in early 2020, as part of the Israeli Innovation Authority’s incubators’ program, and as a significant part of the evolving foodtech cluster of the Eastern Galilee.
Fresh Start’s is expected to establish dozens of companies during its 8 years of franchise, harnessing its uncompromising expertise to support the growth of impactful foodtech companies, based on breakthrough technologies.
The incubator’s partners are 4 key players in the Israeli food industry and the global financial world, including Tnuva, Israel’s leading food company; Tempo, a leading beverage company; OurCrowd, a global funding platform, and Finistere Venture, a global AgriFood VC.

Supported by its partners and their global network (PepsiCo, BrightFood, Heineken and more) Fresh Start offers extensive technological and business support to early-stage startups. The incubator’s team and partners have a proven track record in establishing companies from seed to growth and specialize in academic tech transfer.
Its industry-facing approach guarantees optimal fit to the industry’s need, wide access to technology and field experts, as well as to R&D, scale-up and production infrastructure.
It additionally offers generous funding, including POC financing, as well as direct access to follow-on investments throughout their full funding cycles.

The incubator invests in solutions to the most burning issues the food industry is facing today, from packaging and waste reduction through personalized nutrition to novel ingredients and processes, with clear advantages for alternative protein startups. Within all of these, fermentation has a growing hold, with huge potential for groundbreaking solutions.

MGT Liquid and Process Systems, is an Israeli-based company founded 52 years ago.
The company designs and manufactures bio-reactors, fermentors, mixing and agitation systems, and provides complete process solutions to the biotechnology, life science, and food industries.
We have gained vast and significant experience over the years, as we were involved in some of the most challenging projects locally and globally. As such, we are able to provide a wide range of creative solutions, including tailor made, turn key solutions to a wide range of companies and industries.

Ba’Emek Tech is an industrial company fully owned by Tnuva cooperative specializing in the field of raw materials from dairy and non-dairy sources.
For over 20 years, Ba’Emek’s Tech main expertise is producing raw materials from whey and it has a diverse product portfolio, for both
local and international customers.
The production process at Ba’Emek Tech is based on cutting edge technologies while strictly conforming to the highest quality levels. Our quality system is accredited to national and international standards.
Over the years, we have gained unique experience and expertise in membrane separation techniques combined with evaporation and powder drying capabilities.
Ba’Emek Tech's R&D facility is equipped with state of the art, multi-purpose process systems suitable for a wide range of food industry requirements and applications. These technologies such as separation of proteins and other fractions from dairy and non-dairy ingredients, enable development of innovative products and processes prior to mass production.
We encourage startup companies, academy and R&D companies to visit Ba’Emek Tech facilities and understand how our technological know-how, process expertise and experience with a wide variety of proteins (dairy and non- dairy) can promote and accelerate development processes along with pilot applications.
Ba’Emek Tech can integrate with any startup involved in fermentation process at the protein separation and purification step, as part of the R&D and all the way to industrial production, to shorten the product’s TTM.
Ba’Emek Tech aims to be a key player in the alternative proteins segment by adding value in the following aspects:
1. R&D- vast R&D capabilities in a wide variety of innovative production processes.
2. Process optimization and scale up.
3. Technology Commercialization.

Ba’emek Advanced Technologies Ltd

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